Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Localisation with Mozilla WoC16

Treasure Hunt @ Mozterious Island

Part-I: Localisation

We a crew of 3 members started our journey to a Mozterious Island. Our backpacks were filled with prerequisites which included- inquisitiveness and patience to learn new stuffs. In the mid of this journey a treasure hunt drew our attention which was by name #mozillatnwoc16.  The challenge was to hunt for the treasures inside the four treasure boxes. They were tagged like this-

Treasure box #1- Localisation
Treasure box #2- SUMO
Treasure box #3- Firefox Nightly
Treasure box #4- Add-Ons

These four treasure boxes sparkled, this made us sure of the fact that we are going to acquire something very precious. Our interest to discover more about the treasures grew unambiguous.  We had no idea on what was inside the treasure box, we were scrambled!

The natives of this island @Iamvp7 and @hellokarthic  monitored our enthusiasm to explore the treasure boxes. They gave us a key by name @khaleeljageer to open the first box. Finally, we opened the box after a long awaited excitement. Guess what was in it?

Yes, we gained the “Treasure of Knowledge”. We wanted to utilize these treasures not only for our personal development but also for the enhancement of our community #mozillatn.

In this Treasure box #1- Localisation, we found how to make the Internet- World a place for even a lay man to survive, thus making it avail in vernacular languages. In order to favor our community we contributed in our native language- Tamil. 

Moreover, we found two magical wands during our exploration, they were-
Using the above we made contributions to our community in order to uplift it to the next level. From our side we contributed a total of 210 suggestions.

My teammates have got something to share with you all about this Treasure box #1 which we have just excavated.

Our venture doesn’t end here. With more oomph and enthusiasm we will move further to unbolt the other three treasure boxes!

Stay tuned......